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Kirjakkala Ironworks Village

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Since 1686 Kirjakkalan Ruukkikylä has been as accommodation and conference place in Salo.

Kirjakkala history begins in 1686 with the establishment of an iron mill, ie Ironworks. Old's Mansion and the three big log buildings are a magnificent grove of trees, where the old tall oaks and linden trees give shade in summer and courtyard area that traverses the river flow creates a calming of the old-time atmosphere. Ruukki's Manor hazel park can not imagine an old ironworks cartridge cigar smell.
Ruukki is in Teijo National Park, a tour desk networks Hamari the shores of Lake and a mile from the seaside dreaming. Helsinki area is about 125 km and 15 km from the center of Salo. Ironworks villages of Teijo area Kirjakkala, Teijo and Mathildedal give travelers a lot to do mm. camping, fishing, golf, canoeing, theater, exhibitions, biking, downhill and cross country skiing.


Insinöörintalo  (2 persons)
Kjällman  (4 persons)
Laakso  (4 persons)
Patotalo  (16 persons)
Patruunatalo  (6 persons)

Meet and celebrate

Insinöörintalo  Number of persons: 30
Patruunantalo  Number of persons: 40
Contact information

Kirjakkala Ironworks Village
Hamarijärventie 62
25770 Teijo

+358 (0)44 544 6114

+358 (0)44 544 6114


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