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Salon elektroniikkamuseo

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The glamour of old radios and televisions. In the Salo Electronics Museum there are two exhibitions focusing on the history of Salora Oy.

The Loisto Toisto radio exhibition presents radios from the 1920s to the 1980s such as crystal radios, tube radios and stereos. Pikku Jättiläinen, Tähti, Riviera and the other radios demonstrate the history of radio manufacturing in Finland and in Salo in particular as well as technical innovations and design - not to mention inspiring nostalgia. You can also listen to radio programmes from various decades and see radios from different eras. The exhibition includes a functional amateur radio station, OH1SALO.

The Televisio auki! exhibition includes different televisions from black and white TVs to bulgy CRT TVs and flat screen TVs. The exhibition showcases television manufacturing in Salo and in Finland from the end of the 1950s until 2005. It tells the story of technical innovations, design and the social significance of the television industry. You can also watch old TV programmes and a presentation video about Salora Oy's television manufacturing.

The monitor and phone exhibitions open 1.12.2016.

Open Thu - Fri 11 - 17, Sat 11 - 15
9.5 - 31.8.2016, Wed - Sun 11 - 17
Open at other times on request.

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Salon elektroniikkamuseo
Salorankatu 5-7, ovi 3
24240 Salo

+358 (0)2 778 4885

+358 (0)44 778 4885


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