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Teijon Masuuni

[ei karttaa]

Art and handcrafts centre at the heart of an old ironworks village - the Blast Furnace. Exhibitions, café, art and handcraft shops.

The gallery presents monthly changing art exhibitions without entrace fee. Most pieces of art are also for sale.

The café serves you with local delicacies, special coffees and ice cream.

In our art and handcraft shop you can find unique works of local artists, as well as nationally known names; paintings, graphics, ceramics, art glass etc.

During summertime the centre is open daily. Off-season we serve on weekends.


Masuunin Majatalo  (5 persons, 9 beds, 9 persons)
Contact information

Teijon Masuuni
Telakkatie 17
25570 TEIJO

+358 (0)404 822 224

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