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Teijo Mansion

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Completed in 1770, the Teijo Manor is regarded as the most beautiful rococo period building in Finland. It was built by Johan Jakob Kijk, who reigned Teijo ironworks large grounds at the time.

The Manor and the surrounding park are private grounds. However, it is possible to explore them as well as Teijo fascinating history in the guided tours organized for groups on request. The duration of the tour is about an hour. It is also possible to attach a visit to the Teijo Church, when for about 20 minutes more should be reserved.
A guided tour costs 9 euros a person and a minimum charge of 180 euros (20 people) is applied. Optional visit to the Church costs 2 euros a person with a minimum charge of 40 euros.

Contact information

Teijo Mansion
25570 TEIJO

+358 (0)2 7366 470


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