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Ylöstalo Sea Side Cottages and Villa Meri

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The Ylöstalo seaside cottages on the island of Särkisalo are an ideal holiday destination for families in summertime.

Due to their location they are also perfect for people interested in fishing. Ylöstalo's seaworthy rental boats make it easy to explore the area's fishing waters.


Merenrantahuvila Iso-Keisari  (max 10 persons)
Merenrantahuvila Keisarinna  (max 7 persons)
Merenrantahuvila Näsinlinna  (max 10 persons)
Merenrantamökki Näsinranta  (2+2 persons)
Merenrantamökki Pekkala  (5+2 persons)
Merenrantamökki Pikku-Keisari  (2 + 2 persons)
Piharakennuksen huoneisto 1  (2 + 2 persons)
Piharakennuksen huoneisto 2  (2 + 2 persons)
Villa Albin  (6 persons)
Villa Rufus  (6 persons)

Meet and celebrate

Villa Meri  Number of persons: 100
Contact information

Ylöstalo Sea Side Cottages and Villa Meri
Norrbyntie 135
25630 Särkisalo

+358 (0)40 564 5676


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