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Salo can offer great musical and cultural events to suit many tastes and people of all ages. The popular and renowned Salo evening markets from June to the end of August bring Finnish performers, traders, pancake cafés, second-hand shops and a children´s flea market to the Salo marketplace.

The versatile selection of summer theatres, concerts, exhibitions and themed events attract those who yearn for culture. Successful sports teams and the events organized by sports clubs in highquality settings offer sport-related excitement and experiences. Here are a few examples of the events 2018 will offer. Choose your favourites or try out something new!

Suvisalo evening market

In June-August on Thursdays, 16-21 at the Salo marketplace.

Summer together - in Salo 2018

The summer tour consists of 10 events that take place during July and August. Join us and be inspired by the villages in Salo.

Salon Seiska

An exercise/charity event for women 20.5.

Lasten Laulukaupunki

A cheerful music festival for children takes place in the city 7. - 10.6.

Salo Streetbasket

The tournament will take place in Salo Sports Park 9.6.

Kisko Triathlon

The oldest continuously organized triathlon event in Finland on 30.6.

Raatalan Humpparalli

Music plays and the dance floor is busy for a whole week 7 - 13.7.


Intense games at the Moisio volleyball court 21. - 22.7.

Burnout Party

Street car and bike racing event at the Kiikala airport 11.8.

Raitilla Raikaa

Muotikatu ry´s traditional street event 4.8. klo 11 - 15.

Old time market and Medieval village

At the Teijo Mansion and Teijon Masuuni´s historical milieu in August

Autumn Market

The Autumn Market takes place 27.9. - 29.9. by the Salonjoki river. There is also a travelling funfair for children.

Salo Jazz Festival

A concert for people of all ages 28.9. - 29.9.

Halikko Relay Race

A relay race organized by Angelniemen Ankkurit in October.

Rikalanmäki Christmas Market

An atmospheric handicraft Christmas Market in the historic Rikalanmäki area in Halikko

Finnish Championship level sport leagues in Salohalli

Salohalli is a great venue for playing and watching many sports. It is the home of e.g. LP Viesti, the women´s volleyball team who won the Finnish championship.

Market days

Salo marketplace is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 7.00-14.00. In the summer, 2.5. - 31.8., the market is open on weekdays from 7.00 - 15.00.

The Perniö market is open Mon - Fri 7 - 20, Sat 7 - 18 and Sun 12 - 18.