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Mansions and group excursions

Travel back in time - visit mansions, ironworks and museums. These guided tours take you to many unique attractions.


The magnificent agricultural and domestic building, designed by C.L. Engel, now hosts Wiurila´s fascinating Home and Horse Carriage Museums. The museums display household items from the manor, such as dresses, furniture, tableware, toys and tools, and beautiful carriages from local manors dating back all the way to the 18th century. In addition, the exhibition includes miniature versions of the manor´s old forge and wood workshop.

Group size ;minimum 10 persons
Time: April-October 2019
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
Duration 45 min
Price: 9 e/person. Includes the guided tour & admission to the museums
Reservations: Wiurila Manor
tel. +358 (0)400 121 900 | www.wiurilankartano.fi

The tour of the Wiurila Manor can be combined with a visit to the medieval stone church in Halikko and the tombs of noblemen, or to Salo Art Museum Veturitalli which is known for its fantastic photography exhibitions.


This excursion introduces you to Perniö´s rich and colourful history starting from the Iron Age and Medieval Times. Perniö, nowadays a part of Salo, is known as the bread basket of Finland and as a prosperous agricultural parish. Perniö has also beautiful ironworks milieus from the 17th to the 19th century, such as the ironworks villages of Mathildedal and Teijo. Kalliolaakso Castle is a dream built by two people, and it embodies 200 years of history and modern day life in Perniö.

Group size: minimum 40 persons
Time: all year round
Languages: Finnish, English
Duration: 5 h
Price: 55 e/person. The excursion includes a visit to Yliskylä church and Kalliolaakso Castle, a guided walk around the ironworks facilities in Mathildedal, lunch at Kalliolaakso, and coffee and a pastry in Café Mathildedal.
Reservations :Hotel Mathildedal
tel. +358 (0)50 354 2487 | | www.mathildedal.fi

There are several opportunities for shopping; Kalliolaakso castle boutique and several artisan shops in Mathildedal, including the alpaca wool spinning mill and shop, Ruukin Kutomo Shop and the Second Chance boutique specialised in Finnish clothing.


In Teijo National Park, you can experience the Finnish nature and all its splendour in miniature. Right next to the national park lies the ironworks village of Mathildedal, which takes you back in time to a 19th century ironworks setting with its red ochre houses, manor milieu and old factory buildings. This excursion is all about enjoying nature with all our senses, without forgetting cultural experiences.

Group size: minimum 20 persons
Time :1.4.-15.10.2019
Languages: Finnish, English
Duration: 4.5 h
Price: 45 e/person. The excursion includes coffee and a sandwich, a soup lunch, tour guide services in Teijo National Park, and a short cultural portion.
Reservations :Ruukkimatkailu Oy
tel. +358 (0)50 354 2487 | | www.mathildedal.fi

The nature and culture excursion can be complemented with shopping in the many artisan boutiques of Mathildedal ironworks village, including the alpaca wool spinning mill and shop, Ruukin Kutomo Shop, Second Chance boutique, Village Baker´s sourdough bakery, Village Brewery, Village Restaurant Terho´s coffee roastery and PetriS Chocolate Room.


Surrounded by sea, Särkisalo offers a magnificent archipelago scenery, charming village milieus, and fascinating stories of shipbuilding, steamships and mining work. The guided tour takes you to a beautiful archipelago-style wooden Church, a marina near Särkisalo´s historical limestone mine, and on a short ferry ride to the island of Pettu, where you can admire watercolour paintings in Ateljee Helena. The tour also includes a visit to Pettu Manor, and coffee and pastries are served during the tour.

Group size: minimum 20 persons
Time: April-September 2019
Languages: Finnish, Swedish
Duration: 4 h
Price :30 e/person Includes coffee with a pastry and guidance
Reservations: | tel. +358 (0)40 828 3721

You can buy organic vegetables and local products in the boutique of Pettu Manor.


This excursion is a fantastic opportunity to explore the secrets of handmade chocolate in PetriS Chocolate Room´s new chocolate factory in Mathildedal. The chocolate maestro PetriS demonstrates the manufacturing process of chocolate, offers tasty samples, and answers all questions related to chocolate.

Group size :minimum 8, maximum 15 persons
Time :May-August 2019
Languages: Finnish, English
Duration: 30-45 min
Price: 12 e/person Includes the tour and a chocolate sample
Reservations: PetriS Chocolate
tel. +358 (0)40 685 5111 | | www.petris.fi

The programme can be complemented with coffee service and shopping at the PetriS Chocolate Room shop. Other attractions in the village of Mathildedal include the Second Chance boutique specialised in Finnish clothing items, the alpaca wool spinning mill and shop, Ruukin Kutomo Shop, Village Baker´s sourdough bakery, Village Brewery, and Village Restaurant Terho´s coffee roastery.


See the ironworks village of Mathildedal with its red ochre houses, manor milieu and old factory buildings, located right by the sea and in the middle of beautiful nature. During the tour we get to taste handmade chocolate, beer, coffee and fudge, visit the Village Baker, see how an alpaca wool spinning mill works, and enjoy a lunch made from local ingredients.

Group size: minimum 20, maximum 35 persons
Time :April-October 2019
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
Duration: 4 h
Price: 56 e/person
Includes a chocolate sample and coffee, a welcome sourdough bread, a beer sample/specialty coffee, a soup lunch with dessert, and guide services in the attractions.
Reservations: Ruukkimatkailu Oy
tel. +358 (0)50 354 2487 | | www.mathildedal.fi