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Invest in Salo

The magnetic venue of Finnish business life, Salo, lies in the heart of Scandinavia. From the entrepreneurs´ perspective, this pearl of Southwestern Finland is located in the centre of everything; the most important international connections in Finland and in the immediate vicinity of the metropolitan area.

There are hundreds of successful and award-winning businesses in Salo, many of which operate in the international market. The businesses operate in diverse business areas, the strongest of which are the ICT business, basic industries and services as well as plastics and metal industry.

We wish to give the vital business centre an even greater boost and actively search for new investments in Salo. We offer a wide selection of ready business sites and locations, operating networks for collaboration, advice and support for businesses planning to operate in the area.


  • Skilled and commited labor available immediately
  • Land and excellent facilities available
  • Competitive engineering and R&D costs
  • Location inside EU-market, close to Russia
  • Excellent logistical connections
  • Practical help for relocation and business support by ´Yrityssalo´