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PRESS RELEASE May 18, 2017 at 9.00 CET

Jukka Vakula appointed as Managing Director of Salo IoT Park Ltd

M. Sc. (Tech.) Jukka Vakula (42) has been appointed as Managing Director of Salo IoT Park Ltd. Salo IoT Park Ltd is a real estate company founded by the City of Salo and local investors. Salo IoT Park Ltd owns product development and production facilities at Meriniitty industrial area in Salo. These premises, which earlier housed Nokia Mobile and Microsoft Mobile R&D teams, are being transformed to become an industrial internet competence center and are marketed under Salo IoT Campus brand. Mr Vakula moves to Salo IoT Park from Technopolis Plc where he serves as Director, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Operations.

- Jukka Vakula has exactly the extensive business know-how that Salo IoT Park needs. In addition to expertise in real estate business, he also has knowledge of how the workplace services should be organized and how to create and maintain a lively working community, says Petri Olkinuora, Chairman of Salo IoT Park Board.

- I see Salo IoT Campus as a brilliant platform for building something new and as an opportunity to combine Salo´s world-class expertise and international IoT players. Salo IoT Campus will be an active and top-notch meeting place for both. Salo IoT Campus will become an international level expertise center that will meet the most challenging demands of customers, says Vakula, who will start in early August 2017.

- I´m looking forward to developing the Salo IoT Campus right from the start. I will bring with my experience in both service and real estate business, Vakula continues.


For more information:

Chairman of the Board Petri Olkinuora, Salo IoT Park, +358 400 333 256

Managing Director (3/8/2017) Jukka Vakula, Salo IoT Park, +358 40 761 7287

Salo IoT Campus has a modern and versatile office, research, training and production space under one roof of 90,000 m2. In addition to providing suitable premises, the campus also focuses on services and in particular support for business development. To this end, an industrial ecosystem of industrial internet and knowledge-based companies, educational establishments and researchers will be set up in the area. The aim is to build Salo IoT Campus as well-known and widely used "shopping center" for industrial internet knowledge.



The former Nokia-city in Finland builds its future on the legacy of Nokia and Microsoft R&D

The City Council of Salo has decided to make a major investment. The City will invest 4.5 million euros into a limited company which negotiates purchasing the former Nokia and Microsoft facilities in Salo. The plan is to turn 9 hectares of vacant business and manufacturing space into a lively innovation and business center for smart technology development.

The core of innovative business is people

Salo has globally known tradition in wireless communication device development and manufacturing. The business started with radio receivers in late 1920s. The golden era of developing and producing mobile phones started with Nokia in mid 1990s and ended in July 2015 when Microsoft announced closing their smart device R&D unit in Salo.

Now the Nokia and Microsoft jobs are gone but the skills and global experience stay within people in Salo. Nokia and Microsoft engineers are beginning their second career which is a huge possibility to any company wishing to create a new development team or build LEAN production of smart technology.

- We have got great feedback from companies like NUVIZ Inc. and Neolitics Inc. which have built their new R&D teams in Salo. They have been able to recruit highly skilled committed engineers, and seem pleased with talents and facilities Salo offers, explains Mr. Antti Rantakokko, the City Mayor.

Community supports growth

Business development and growth requires collaboration between companies, clients, researchers, partners and investors. Salo innovation and business center is planned to offer structures for both formal and informal meetings. Especially the lively startup community in Salo welcomes the possibility to be a part of greater business hub.

There will be a fruitful mix of crazy ideas, skillful people, first class multifunctional facilities, and wide variety of advisory services. Furthermore, the City of Salo offers companies platforms for piloting and product development. Everything will be designed as customer-oriented services for companies, research organizations and universities.

City welcomes new partners

- In Salo we are used to negotiate with global corporates as well as smaller companies. I can proudly confirm that the support we can offer is highly valuable. Our relocation services save company´s resources and time, promises Mr. Antti Rantakokko.


- City Council of Salo has on December 19th 2017 decided to invest 4.5 million euros into a limited company which will negotiate purchasing and later manage facilities Microsoft owns in Salo at the moment.

- Other shareholders in the company: 4capes Oy, Lounaismaan Osuuspankki Oy, Lounea Oy, Aurora Ventures Oy and Mr. Hans Strömberg.

- Contact for the City Mayor Mr. Antti Rantakokko, City of Salo, tel. +358 44 778 2000, e-mail:

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