Odota hetki...
Odota hetki...

Särkisalo offers memorable experiences and sights to campers, people on cottage holidays and permanent inhabitants alike. The seaside landscapes, cottages on the shores and fun boat rides create a summer paradise, but Särkisalo is much more than that.

The sea provides a great setting for swimming, fishing and boating. Exciting catches and good fishing services attract a large number of sport fishers throughout the year.

The beautiful Archipelago landscape, plants, birds and natural formations are tempting targets for photographers and the historical monuments and local history museum provide experiences for culture enthusiasts.

Café Vinssi

Irmer Stenbergin tie 20, 25640 Förby

Extreme Fun

Metsäkulmantie 68, 25570 Teijo


Finnholmenintie 80, 25640 Förby

Förby Marina

Särkisalontie 1361, 25640 Förby

Armonlaakso Fishing Village

Niksaarentie 250, 25640 Förby

Kala-ToVi (Fish moment)

Katajarinne 1, 24280 Salo


Särkisalontie 2, 25610 Ylönkylä

Kirakka Outdoor Theatre

Kirakantie 240, 25610 Ylönkylä

Länsitalo / Koivula Cottage

Länsitalontie 27, 25630 Särkisalo


Korvensalmentie 45, 24130 Salo

Café Shop Nixor

Niksaarentie 340, 25640 Förby

Särkisalo Church

Kirkkopolku 4, 25630 Särkisalo


Tiirantie 1, 25630 Särkisalo

Villa Lönnviken

Eteläkärjentie 150, 25640 Förby

Villa Meri

Iso-Keisarin tie 5, 25630 Särkisalo

Villa Nennebo

Eteläkärjentie 461, 25640 Förby

Ylöstalo Sea Side Cottages and Villa Meri

Norrbyntie 135, 25630 Särkisalo