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The Teijo national park offers activities for the whole family. For golfers, there are three international-standard golf courses with the longest playing seasons in Finland. You can enjoy exercise and nature all year round - there´s downhill skiing, hiking, canoeing, swimming, riding or even gravity racing.

Manors, mills and museums tell you about the region´s role as an important cultural centre point. At the art museum Veturitalli you can enjoy art, and at Salo electronics museum you can see old TVs and radios and learn more about the history of TV and radio manufacturing in Finland and especially Salo. The guided tours introduce you to many unique attractions.

The popular evening markets on summer Thursdays from June to the end of August offer Finnish music performances, trade stalls, pancakes, second-hand goods and a flea market for children´s clothing.

The versatile selection of summer theatres, concerts, exhibitions and themed events attract those who yearn for culture. Successful sports teams and the events organized by sports clubs in highquality settings offer sport-related excitement and experiences.